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ТС «Stress Free» для М80

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I created this thread as everyone has it except us

Any topic about ZR aka dogo :thumbup:

Sent from my furious XPERIA ZR

Why our Device is in Low activity Forum .

Donno bro maybe coz our device is not so popular..
Its like a mini Z and doesn’t have much popularity

Tapped from my furious ZR

Too bad.. I thought It had excellent support due to the fact that it has same build number with Xperia Z.

Still we have few lollipop custom roms
Thaks to the devs

Tapped from my furious ZR

hi guys , pls i really really need help to root my zr device so someone tell me what to do i have been trying to root it for 4 month so i’m about to kill myself if it didn’t work
my phone is xperia zr android 4.4.4 c5502
my laptop is dell win 8.1 x64
i hope anyone can help me pls

You’ll need flashtool and driver pack for xperia phones.
Grab that and tell me







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